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Win a Playstation 5 or X Box Series X

Organizer : DragonBlogger - End : 2020-11-26 Rating : 4.5 / 5
Win a Playstation 5 or X Box Series X

In today giveaway will be the biggest giveaway for gaming console from DragonBlogger, they partnered up with 4 amazing co-sponsors including ThisBytesForYouRoxieRevonaeSaintMattyGruden and MomsBasementGaming to bring you a chance to win a PlayStation 5Xbox Series X or $500 PayPal/GiftCard as the prize option.

If you are the lucky winner you will gets a chance to choose whether you want one of the consoles or the $500 GiftCard/PayPal to put toward something else like an RTX3070 GPU or RTX3060 GPU. 

This $500 cash prize can be used however you want it too you can buy a Nintendo Switch console and then have some room to spare for a few games too!

The options are limitless with the $500 Gift Card Cash Value or PayPal, so make sure you don’t miss out to win this giveaway, and you can win bonus entries via secret keyword from the SpintoWin game which you can do 1 spin each day as well.

How to win ?

enter your email to win.

Terms & condition :

If you are not a US Resident you may still able to enter the giveaway, however you will have 2 options to claim the prize if you win. First is provide a US Shipping Address of a family or a friend to receive the prize or you can get the $500 paypal or giftcard option instead.

Good Luck!

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