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Win a Apple Watch

Calling all animal-loving photographers: the #LionWorldTales Photo Contest is underway once again!

We invite you, our guests, to share your best “animals in a different light” photos (and videos) for a chance to win great prizes, including an Apple Watch!

To deepen our commitment to Africa's animals, Lion World Travel has adopted the TreadRight Animal Welfare Policy. This policy means that we only offer wildlife experiences to guests that abide by important animal welfare principles. The policy is based on the "five freedoms" that assert that animals should have freedom from hunger and thirst; freedom from discomfort; freedom from pain, injury and disease; freedom to express normal behavior; and freedom from fear and distress.

For the 2020 #LionWorldTales Photo Contest, we want to see your favorite safari photos, but our main theme is Baby Animals! What does this mean? You can submit any videos or photos of wildlife in Africa that you think are winners, but we'll give extra attention to any that involve furry, funny, fluffy or otherwise cute little babies. Overall we're looking for pictures and videos that are a bit different, are you up for the challenge? Bonus tip: We always love animals sticking their tongues out, capture a silly moment like this and you could be the next winner!


In this year’s contest, we will be recognizing three different tiers of winners: video/photo of the week, video/photo of the month and video/photo of the year. If your video or photo is awarded “Weekly Honors”, the more it is shared, liked or re-tweeted the better its chance of winning the "Photo / Video of the Month" prize or even our "Photo / Video of the Year" for 2020.


Each week, beginning in November 2019 and ending in October 2020, the Lion World Travel team will select a #LionWorldTales "Photo/Video of the Week", chosen from the submissions that we receive from our guests. The weekly will then be shared on our official Lion World Travel Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, where we will encourage our community to like and share it—the more likes, shares and re-tweets the photo or video receives, the more likely it will be crowned “Photo/Video of the Month”.


At the end of the month, we will tally up all of the likes, shares and re-tweets of all of the photos and videos of the week from the previous month to determine the #LionWorldTales "Photo/Video of the Month". The winning photographer will receive a packable, comfy Lion World Travel puff jacket vest, plus a chance to be awarded the grand prize, “Photo/Video of the Year”.


In November 2020, the expert judging team at Lion World Travel will review all 12 "Monthly Winners" from the previous year and select their favorite—the one that most embodies the “animals in a different light” theme—as the 2020 "Photo/Video of the Year". The person who too kthe winning submission will go home with the grand prize, an Apple Watch.

How to win ?

You can submit photos or videos by sharing them on social media or by emailing them to us. 

To enter the contest on social media, follow and tag us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram using #LionWorldTales.

Alternatively, you can submit your photos and videos via email by sending them to: [email protected] 

Note: if you have a large video file or big photos, consider sending us to them by a website link such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Terms & condition :

  • All photos and videos must have been taken on a trip booked with Lion World Travel
  • To enter the contest on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, follow the official Lion World Travel accounts and use #LionWorldTales in your post
  • Emailed photos should be in JPEG or PNG format and should only be emailed one time. For large image sizes and videos (anything over 2 MB), please email a link to the hosted media
  • By submitting your photos or videos for entry into the contest, you agree to allow Lion World Travel, our partners and suppliers, and other The Travel Corpration brands to use your images for promotional purposes for all formats including web, social media and print (photo credit to always be given)
  • Photos that have been featured in the 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 #LionWorldTales Photo Contest are not eligible for this competition
  • There is no limit to how many videos or photos you can submit, although we encourage you to choose your top 5 or 10 to keep things manageable

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